Thank you to all who submitted abstracts for the 7th Annual BRAIN Initiative Investigator’s Meeting. The virtual Poster Hall is now open and ready for attendees to explore over 600 posters!

In the Poster Hall, posters are organized by scientific research area, Trainee Highlight Award, or the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) category highlighting successful DEI programming and/or strategies implemented in your lab, institution, and/or organization.

Search posters by entering your search term in the Poster Hall search bar. Categories with results will show in the navigation bar. From there, select each category to see the search results. Clear search results by deleting your search term.

Attendees can submit questions to a poster presenter by using the Q&A box in their poster view. Live interaction opportunities between poster presenters and attendees via video conference and chat are also available during the meeting dates on June 15-17. Posters that opted to participate in Video Chat sessions have their scheduled times included in their poster listing. During designated times, a Video Chat button will be active within the participating poster listings. Clicking the Video Chat link for a poster will include you in the discussion! Video Chat is limited to 12 participants while up to 88 participants can be connected by audio.